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Upcoming Events

**Minnesota Forest Health Update: What's in Your Woods and What's Coming Webinar April 22 Register Here

**Inuit Kayak Paddle Making Workshop - April 23 & 26 Register Here

**Bent Shaft Paddle Making Workshop - May 2 & 5
Register Here

Boulder Birding Big Day - May 10

**Minnesota Phenology: Monitoring Seasonal Change - Webinar - May 28 Register Here

**Bio 4803 - Ecology Field Methods May 19- June 6

**St. Louis River Watershed Educator Workshop - Itinerary Offering 1 Jun 10-11 - Register Here

**Vernal Pool Identification Workshop - Itinerary June 13 - Register Here

**What's New in Green Building Standards? Webinar June 17 Register Here

**St. Louis River Watershed Educator Workshop - Itinerary Offering II Jun 17-18 - Register Here

**Talking with Landowners about Intergenerational Land Transfer - Webinar - Jul 15 Register Here

**Renewable Energy Educator Workshop - Offering I Jun 23-24 Register Here

**Renewable Energy Educator Workshop - Offering II Jun 27-28 Register Here

**MN Master Naturalist Volunteer Training - July 28-Aug 1 Register Here

**MN Master Naturalist Volunteer Training- Aug 18-22 Register Here

Sedge identification for ECS silviculture - Webinar - Aug 19 Register Here

**Sasquatch Scramble Obstacle 5K Run - Sept 6
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**Resilience and the Minnesota Northwoods: Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change - Webinar - Sept 16 Register Here

**The State of Forestry in Minnesota - Webinar - Oct 21 Register Here

**What to plant? Forest Health for the Future - Webinar - Nov 18 Register Here

**Updates on FSC and SFI Forest Management Certification Standards - Webinar - Dec 9 Register Here

**Pre-registration required for these events


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School Forest Carbon Sequestration Pilot

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